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The Fantastic

The Cornet Chop Suey Jazz Band


Germany & Austria

Sep 16 - 30, 2014


Brain Casserly - Trumpet - Leader

Tom Tucker- Trumpet - Leader

Jerry Epperson - Reeds

Brett Stamps- Trombone

Paul Reed - Piano

Jay Hungerford - Base

John Gillick - Drums

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Talk about some great music! Cornet Chop Suey applies its own exciting style of traditional jazz, swing, blues and "big productions: numbers. Every performance is a high-energy presentation and is always a memorable experience for the audience.

If you've been around the traditional and Dixieland jazz scene, you most likely already know this band. They all have something special about them that puts them in high demand at festivals and jazz parties. So here it is - Introducing...

The Cornet Chop Suey Jazz Band - this select group of super talented musicians whom are jam-packed into one brilliant package.

We’re talking about the very best of the best, live and in your face.   

There's just nothing like it.


Not only will you listen to superb live jazz daily, you'll visit some of the most beautiful areas on the planet - Southern Bavaria and Northern Austria, from Munich to Salzburg. You get it all! This is a chance of a life time. This is not a typical rushed whirlwind European tour, dragging suitcases on and off buses each day with endless city tours. Pack your bags only once. Stay in one modern Bavarian style hotel, located in the picturesque village of Grassau, nestled on the edge of the Alps between Munich and Salzburg. We will tour by luxurious motor coach daily to places of interest and later to return to our hotel. Our goal is to make this vacation your best ever. 

This tour allows plenty of time to just relax and to enjoy the very best of this beautiful alpine region. You will learn about the area, its people, their customs and their traditions. You’ll experience personalized guided tours, especially for the Traditional Jazz fan at one low price. It just doesn’t get any better.

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Square Dance Germany Tour 2015

Now in the planning

Watch this for exciting tour for Square Dancers

This will be your Best Square Dance Tour Ever


Sep 15 - 29, 2015


Host Callers

Tom Crisp, Tucson AZ




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This fantastic square dance tour is being offered once again. This time we’re calling it the

Tour of a lifetime!

Dance to national callers:

Callers TBA

& Tom Crisp


Dancing daily except when other activities are scheduled. Breakfasts are included daily. All dinners included except two. Bus tours and special activities are planned daily. You will find Bavaria is incredible, with magnificent mountain views, luscious green countryside and friendly people with proud traditions. This is not your typical rushed whirlwind European tour; dragging suitcases on and off busses with endless city tours. We stay in our adopted alpine village of Grassau during the entire two weeks and visit local places of interest. This vacation allows plenty of time to enjoy the very best of Southern Germany and Austria. Be catered to by experienced tour guides who know the area and speak the language, dance to top callers and visit some of the most spectacular areas in Europe.

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About Tom's Calling

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Tom & Gina have been conducting tours to Grassau, Germany over the past 30 years. They are familiar with the area, both speak fluent German and show you local places of interest that most tourists miss.  Tom started organizing tours and calling square dancing when stationed with the Canadians near Baden Baden, Germany in 1968.  He was stationed in Germany off and on with the USAF a total of 14 years of his 26 year career.  Gina comes from the small Bavarian village of Koenigsdorf just south of Munich.  Tom & Gina met in 1962 at a New Year’s Eve party in Bad Toelz, Germany and were married in the Post Chapel two years later.  Gina has worked in the restaurant business since a teenager.  Now both retired, Tom stays active calling square dancing, putting together tours to Germany and working a 10 acre self-care horse ranch in Tucson, Arizona. Gina enjoys entertaining, gardening, going to the gym, the outdoors and grandkids.

Tom and Gina

Tom & Gina

Your tour hosts